As a result of a motor vehicle accident, I have been suffering from numerous conditions. Soft tissue damage, scarring, TMJ Dysfunction, and fibromyalgia, to name a few.

The pain from my TMJ was literally preventing me from eating anything other than liquids or mushy foods. Through the winter months, my fibromyalgia symptoms were at times unbearable, leaving me housebound.

I had tried every possible treatment in modern medicine with little or no relief. Then I went to see Robyn at Elements MFR Clinic. I was used to traditional massage techniques, but this was surprisingly different. I was skeptical, but when I saw immediate results, I was convinced this new method was the answer.

MFR techniques in conjunction with relaxation massage sessions, have relieved my pain and restored my energy! I can even eat and chew the occasional steak if I want to!!! Absolutely amazing results that prescription drugs could not accomplish.

I sleep better, eat better, and have a lot less pain. MFR has changed my life!

Thanks Robyn.

Kara R.

Grovedale, AB.

 I began my myofascial journey in March of 2009. I had a fall several years ago down a flight of stairs, which changed my life drastically. Over time, my pain got worse. I had tried every course of treatment that I could, and nothing was giving me relief. It was to the point that I did not know what to do anymore. I was confined to the couch. My headaches were unbearable.

I'll never forget the day that I was told about the John F.Barnes MFR Treatment Center, in Sedona, Arizona. I actually felt a glimmer of hope. I am so glad that this individual shared with me his experience, which led me to Sedona. I met with him on a Friday, and I booked the clinic the followingMonday.

When I arrived at the clinic in Sedona, I couldn'teven hold my head up because it was so tight. I did an intensive treatment program over two weeks, and met the most wonderful people you could ever imagine. I left the center with an 80% improvement following the intensive treatment program. I would recommend 3-4 weeks of treatment if you have severe pain, if at all possible.

When I returned home, I was told about Robyn at Elements. Treatment with her has kept me maintained. Our paths had crossed in Arizona, while she was there doing an MFR course, and we didn't realize until later on that we were there at the same time.

I was so happy to know that I had a therapist in Grande Prairie to see. When I first met her, I knew she had the training of John F. Barnes, because she was so caring and understanding. She listened to me, the patient. Thanks so much Robyn!!!

Jodie S.

Grande Prairie, AB.

I had been dealing with chronic neck pain for just about 20 years before I began MFR treatments with Robyn. I fell as a 12 year old adolescent and had been treated twice with manual traction. I had no problems until I painted the ceiling of my house - a three day project. That began 20 years of seeking pain relief via many a source. Acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy, cervical traction, etc. The pain never left, though the level of pain decreased at times.

Then I began treatments withRobyn at Elements MFR Clinic. She discovered that my hips, spine, shoulder, and neck were all trying to compensate for the twist in my pelvis that had happened so long ago. In 6 treatments, I obtained huge relief! YEAH!! I felt like "finally...it's scratching where it's been itching" so to speak. I continue to do the exercises that she recommended - sometimes up to an hour and a quarter each day. Now I can shoulder check in traffic without pain. I am able to sleep without waking up, and I can drive a car for a few hours and not feel like I will suffer for days. Thank you Robyn, for the work you do. Now I am coming for an occasional "tune-up", but feel better than I have in years.

Pat S.

Grande Prairie, AB